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JSHAW » Los Angeles

Living the dream in Beverly Hills Comments | Aug 16 2008

Sienna Miller Robertson

Yesterday we were strolling down Robertson the other day shopping and living the dream in LA and sure enough the paparazzi were in full force chasing peeps and taking photos of the famous doing everyday things when they all started booking it to the gas station taking super photos. Sure enough it was Sienna Miller filling up her car. I found photos of the event on so check them. On Robertson we checked Kitson, WeSc among others.

Keep up to date here with more photos of LA and my super adventures involving Siggraph, LA, Beverly Hilly, Santa Monica, NewPort beach and everything else fun.


Through A Keyhole and on to disco Comments | Jul 29 2008

Le Castle Vania

Le Castle Vania has some killer tunes and these remixs are for sure some of them. Hailing from ALT. URB mentioned him as one of the next 100 and he has be praised by both Fader and Nylon. Through A Keyhole and Zero Machine(orig. a Smashing Pumpkins tune) are dirty, heavy and disco. Also check his side project Lies In Discuise with Blake Miller from Moving Units. How much more legit can you get when your have a saying like”I LOVE YOU BUT I’VE CHOSEN DISCO”?

Le Castle Vania - Through A Keyhole

Le Castle Vania - Zero Machine


Comme des Garçons - SoCal Comments | Jul 10 2008


Being inspired by SoCal’s skate culture Comme des Garçons’ Gorilla store in LA which opened in Febuary has done a commemorative / inspirational kinda deal with designing the graphics for 3 LMTD EDition decks. There were only 100 made costing $80, considerably VERY reasonable for a pro deck X CDG design .

The CDG LA store is located 125 West 4th Street Suite #106 LA Tel. 1 213 626 6606.


Refinery 29 Comments | Jul 05 2008

Refinery 29 Page

I’ve recently been loving the publication/blog Refinery 29. They are out of NYC and cater to Fashion, Travel, Music, Deisgn oriented people. They have a LA edition as well. The site has everything from Shop directories per city as well as online video content. They are “devoted to seeking out the people, products, and ideas that set the bar for originality and exceptionally, season after season.” Which is great!! Since I first came across Refinery 29 i have notices significant content updates and site improvements which really emphasizes their whole “forward thinking” ideals.

I would defiantly mark Refinery 29 as a bi-weekly stop on your online browsing.

Share/Save/Bookmark Accepted to SIGGRAPH ‘08 Comments | Jun 24 2008


An update on, with great news our group has been ACCEPTED to take part in SIGGRAPH 2008 being hosted in LA. We will be presenting the week of August 11 - 15 at Los Angeles Convention Centre. This is big news, for those unaware as to what SIGGRAPH (short for Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques) is a Internation Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactivity Techniques which is being hosted at the LA Convention Center during August 11 - 15 2008. In 2005 25 000 people attended the conference, this is something to be pumped about being accepted to.

EmoCapsule is a study of interactivity. Participants influence the installation by inputting their emotions at The website provides users with emotional statistics and trends based on frequency, location, and weather information collected. The installation is dynamically updated to reflect the dominant emotional mood. 

Visitors interact with the current emotional state of the EmoCapsule installation - depicted through sound, text, and colour. Participants move and catch emotion words using their own silhouette and other objects. Participants make loud noises, triggering the installation to emit reactive sounds and display new words. These form a sort of conversation between the user and the installation space. 


So if you will please check out and or the SIGGRAPH website. With Love JSHAW and the EmoCapsule Team


Corpus Clothing Summer ‘08 Comments | Jun 03 2008

Corpus ClothingCorpus ClothingCorpus Clothing

I’ve been a long time lover of Corpus Clothing from way back when they put their first season out so no doubt I was pumped when they finally put their their Spring/Summer 08 online. It took a while but here it is. Corpus S/S’08. There were no official looks for women however their women products are available at For men and women Corpus is available at Oak NYC and Revolve Clothing…. and how can I forget the mens boutique NOMAD in Toronto.

And for magical purposes the below image is Corpus’ Spring’09 preview, ENJOY and become excited.

Corpus Clothing Spring 2009


Potential Trip To LA - Part One Comments | Aug 10 2007

Last night I went to my hosting providers website I noticed that they were sponcering a multidicaplenary design lecture at the Getty Instatute in LA. The event is called QBN Sessions and is being put on by MediaTemple and Krop. Seeing that the lecture has speakers such as Shepard Fairey, Joshua Davis, Phunk Studio, Michael C. Place, Matt Owens & Mark Owens among others I felt it would be a great event to attend if ever I had the chance.

Shepard Fairey



Obey Giant

Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis Studio

Phunk Studio




Phunk Studio

After thinking about it over night I felt I needed a vacation. Working all summer and saving needs to be rewarded. I showed my friends Jordan and Ryan and they displayed Interest. So low and behold I think were going to LA for a quick trip before school!

Being introduced to the travel site HotWire it was not so much of a worry on finances either. Some how the website is able to sell flights and hotels any many other packages for VERY CHEEP! For instance getting a room at the Hotel Angeleno Beverly Hills for a reasonable price to be centraly located, and cost effective flights out of Buffalo. The site offers a great selection for all travel destinations. The only think that is that they keep the exact Hotel name a secret until everything is paid for. However doing some research, and process of elimination will allow you to find what hotel you will be booking.

We are planning to go to LA from September 5 - 9 arrive back and head to school. There’s nothing better than that!

Here are some pictures of areas around LA. They just get me more and more excited.

Beverly Hills



Santa Monica




Getty Institute

Getty Institute

Getty Institute1

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