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JSHAW » Dance

Rave Is King Comments | Dec 22 2008

New Le Castle Vania Remix kicks off the holiday season with a remix of Rave Is King by Fukkk Off which evidently dropped today (fresh from ALT ). Just letting you know I still choose disco! On this note I love what Le Castle Vania did to Rave Is King with the heavier disco grooves, sick nasty. This is def. going up with his recent edit of Zero Machine which was released a while ago.

Fukkk Off - Rave Is King (Le Castle Vania Remix)


And I’m Back With Way Too Much Music For You! Comments | Dec 17 2008

I’ve been kinda MIA this past month so hopefully this post will partially make up for it. I was finishing the last of exams and projects of my degree and now I am done. Feeling kinda empty here is a range of tracks that have gotten me through the past weeks day and night. The only thing missing from this post is the copious amounts of Vente coffees that I consumed…I don’t even want to begin to try and count. Anyways enjoy the music rollercoster of House, Ghetto, Crunk, Electronic, B-More and what ever else I threw in here. I understand its not the best practice to just list links to myspace pages for the mp3’s I’ve posted but quite frankly there’s to many artists for me to transcribe their history and beliefs to so lets get started:

Lioness - My Heart (Mansion)



Barletta Does Boom Boom Boom Comments | Nov 11 2008

I’ve been so incredibly busy with school and work I am slacking a bit with content. Sorry bout that I’ll try and get my life together. Anyways the new drop from Dj Barletta is an edit of The Outhere Brothers - Boom Boom Boom dating back to ‘94. Even if a club was empty the place would pop off that is how sick nasty this track is. 

The Outhere Brothers - Boom Boom Boom (Barletta Edit)


Back In Black. Yeah thats right, badass! Comments | Nov 08 2008

I just found the rmx by DJ Manaia today just brosing around Hypem and am pretty much loving it. I havn’t heard any rmx originally done by ACDC sinse Crookers rmx’d Thunderstuct. Anyways here are a few tight tracks by Dj Manaia who is killing it like 95 pabsts.

ACDC - Back In Black(Dj Manaia RMX)

Dj Manaia - Fatty Girl

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Halloween’s Best Best Bass Lines… Ever, Y’all Comments | Nov 02 2008

Are you going to vote? I am I feel it’s my personal responsibility as a Canadian to voice my opinions about global politics. I am adding The Cobrasnake to each and every ballot I get my hands on.

So I put in a few seconds of listening to poppin’ tunes with killer bass lines. Well I’ve come to conclude that these are some of my fav. and that you probably need to listen to them/download them. These base lines may not be that tech, but there solid, poppin’ and dirty beyond belief. Show some love for these artists cause they know where its at! I posted music from many artists/producers from around the world… and my man DJ Barletta/Mansion shoutin’ love from their show at Circa last night. Um… YESSSS!!!!

Anyways, how was y’all Halloween? did you dress up in some zanny gool outfits? or held your personal respect and just go as yourself? I went as Sam from Wasted Push-ups. No one got it… is that my fault? Should I have been the Henrik Vibskov Jumper? Should I have been scary like a warlock from World Of War Kraft?

Tricky - Council Estate (Mowgli wobblin mix)

Don Rimini - Hools(Dj Barletta Edit)

A - Track Say Whoa (Big Nasty RMx)

3 is a crowd - Take It Back (HeavyFeet RMX)

ACDC - Thunderstruck (Crookers RMX) - also proabbly one of the most legit shows i’ve been to…


Probably the happiest people alive! Comments | Oct 21 2008

Matt and Kim are an infused indie pop duo from Brooklyn with raw and catchy tunes. Their track Yea Yeah which really allowed them to take off came out over a year ago and they have done it again with the newly released Daylight single [video above]. I first say Matt and Kim in Toronto last summer when they played at Mod Club and quickly realized that they are probably the happiest people I have ever seen. Their whole set both of them had a huge smile across their faces and were authentically loving life being super fun and just playing their music. If you want proof if this claim just watch their new video for Daylight or their Yea Yeah video, happiest people ever!

Matt And Kim - Daylight

Matt And Kim - Verbs Before Nouns

Matt And Kim - Yea Yeah

Matt and Kim have an upcoming tour and perfectly enough they are coming to Ottawa again playing at Mavericks. I am there and so should you! If your hitting it let me know! Pick up your tickets at EndHits YE!

10/31 - Brooklyn, NY @ Danbro Studio Warehouse
11/03 - Boston, MA @ Middle East
11/05 - Northampton, MA @ Iron Horse
11/06 - Montreal, QC @ Il Motore
11/07 - Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks
11/08 - Toronto, ON @ Whippersnapper Space
11/10 - Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
11/11 - Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
11/12 - Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
11/13 - Dekalb, IL @ The House Café
11/14 - Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock Social Club
11/15 - Madison, WI @ Union South -Club 770
11/17 - Bloomington, IN @ Uncle Festers
11/18 - Covington, KY @ Mad Hatter Club
11/20 - Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
11/21 - Pittsburgh, PA @ University of Pitt., William Pitt Union Assembly


Zero Machine Comments | Oct 10 2008

Continuing on with Le Castle Vania, it’s finally been ok’d to post his original track Zero Machine. For those who don’t know its has a wicked sample from a Smashing Pumpkins tune. Anyways this tune is a sure club banger to get the kids dancing! For more about Le Castle Vania check my previous post.

Le Castle Vania - Zero Machine


Mashing the bangers Comments | Oct 08 2008

Here’s a quick post with some tracks i’ve been listening too A LOT! there bangers they get you dancing AND combined they draw influence from most every style of music… Yall lucky to be gettin tracks from Toronto’s MANSION - Body. This track reminds me of breakbeat 80’s dance… Haddaway… Night at the Roxbury anyone…? Anyways next we gots some CHEW FU remixing one of the newer tunes from Oasis - The Turning. On the note of Chew Fu, one of his mixes showed up in a D&G runways show… Love Lock Down…. Wicked dude, congrats! Lastly we have some UK producers killing the heavy beats low bass, HeavyFeet are remixing Natty Jacks - Jackin the Garage.

For all of those Marah Carey fans and or Designer Drugs fans, I recently found broken links on my post The Time Mariah Carey Did Designer Drugs…. The broken links are now fixed and you can get the mp3s… Check it.

But seriously should I get a Smirnoff Ice tat? Or Papst? What about Milwacky Ice? Does anyone out there have any brand logos on them? Are tats really that permanent?

Photo nicked from The Cobrasnake on his trip to Toronto

Mansion - Body

Oasis - The Turning (CHEW FU RMX)

Natty Jack - Jackin The Garage (HeavyFeet)

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