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Magic Flashlights Comments | Nov 08 2008

Magic Flashlights from Mike Benson on Vimeo.
Knife Show Inc and friends uncover a strange phenomenon at Timberline Lodge at Mt Hood. Snowboarding video takes place in and out of High Cascade Summer Camp. Shot and edited by Mike Benson. Starring Brendan Hayes, Eli weiner, Scott Stevens, Chris Beresford, Matty Mo, Jesse Burtner, and Casey Wrightsman.

When it comes to snowboarding back in days I was super pumped with Robot Food’s first vidoe Lame came out because it completely added an new dimension to videos. They were fun again, they were creative, they were well directed and produced… snowboard videos were interesting again. And this is exactly what I feel Mike Benson is doing, making videos about riding with friends and just having fun.

And Yes the music is MGMT. For the other post of MGMT - Kids (This is My Empire! RMX) travel here.

MGMT - Kids


Project President A Mock-Reality Web Series Comments | Nov 03 2008

Project President - Episode 1! from Project President on Vimeo.

Project President is a  good group of recent graduates I know that have been working on A brave new mock-reality web series taking on the US Presidential Election.

A rag-tag group of recent TV school grads, comedians, pals and dolls come together to mock (and to cope with) the possibility of an unnamed someone coming within very close proximity to a position for which that person is not equipped. If that should happen, they joked, “it could basically be anyone.” They laughed. They cried. They made Project President. Armed with their cameras, some comedy, computers and caffeine, these young men and women bring you this series. Because anyone, it seems, is fit to be President.

The Project President team’s only goal is to have as many people as possible see these videos. If you seek any web content, and think this series is humorous, we invite you to please post it.

Make sure to drop them a web mail message at  Also social them: Vimeo, YouTube, Myspace, Blogger.


Empire Of The Sun can walk on dreams and The Killers are dancers Comments | Oct 24 2008

Empire Of The Sun are one of those bands from Australia that are proving there are no “bad” music coming from the land down under. Empire Of The Sun consist of Nick Littlemore of Pnau and Luke Steele of The Sleepy Jackson. Who knows I could be hatted for this reference but Empire Of The Sun kind of reminds me of a Australian MGMT in a with their easy listening pop psychedelia. Many people have been claiming that the remix of Walking On A Dream by Sam La More (Sam Littlemore the brother of Nick Littlemore) is the best rmx of the song. While it is good, my vote goes with VanShe Tech remix. Empire Of The Suns debut album is currently available on iTunes - watch the video and when you see the album link click it and it will talk you to the iTunes store.

Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream

Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream (Van She Tech REmix)

Empire Of The Sun - Half Mast

The new song by The Killers does not suck, it is just as authentic and majestic a band can get. Noting The Killers are getting weirder and more obscure their music keeps raising the bar for the fusion between Indie Rock and Alternative music. Human starts off with similarities to U2 and blends into a more familiar sound of When You Were Young but making sure that they are not just banking of the sound and success of their previous hit. I found Human also shares similarities with the Toronto group Put The Rifle Down. Aside from the roaming majestic animals I am in awe of Brandon Flowers feather vest… like what? A-mazing. The Killers new album Day & Age is being released November 25, 2008.

The Killers - Human

I’ve been playing around with new music video and Overlay.TV’s interactive features for online video. That’s how I addeed all the dynamic content, text and links into the videos. Help the artists out and link to where you can buy their albums/mp3’s online. Overlay.TV allows you to link through the videos you post to itunes/beatport/amazon etc. YE!


Probably the happiest people alive! Comments | Oct 21 2008

Matt and Kim are an infused indie pop duo from Brooklyn with raw and catchy tunes. Their track Yea Yeah which really allowed them to take off came out over a year ago and they have done it again with the newly released Daylight single [video above]. I first say Matt and Kim in Toronto last summer when they played at Mod Club and quickly realized that they are probably the happiest people I have ever seen. Their whole set both of them had a huge smile across their faces and were authentically loving life being super fun and just playing their music. If you want proof if this claim just watch their new video for Daylight or their Yea Yeah video, happiest people ever!

Matt And Kim - Daylight

Matt And Kim - Verbs Before Nouns

Matt And Kim - Yea Yeah

Matt and Kim have an upcoming tour and perfectly enough they are coming to Ottawa again playing at Mavericks. I am there and so should you! If your hitting it let me know! Pick up your tickets at EndHits YE!

10/31 - Brooklyn, NY @ Danbro Studio Warehouse
11/03 - Boston, MA @ Middle East
11/05 - Northampton, MA @ Iron Horse
11/06 - Montreal, QC @ Il Motore
11/07 - Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks
11/08 - Toronto, ON @ Whippersnapper Space
11/10 - Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
11/11 - Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
11/12 - Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
11/13 - Dekalb, IL @ The House Café
11/14 - Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock Social Club
11/15 - Madison, WI @ Union South -Club 770
11/17 - Bloomington, IN @ Uncle Festers
11/18 - Covington, KY @ Mad Hatter Club
11/20 - Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
11/21 - Pittsburgh, PA @ University of Pitt., William Pitt Union Assembly


Down In This Rapture Of Love Comments | Oct 20 2008

Down In This Rapture Of Love is a slice of the song Rapture ft. Sebastien Grainger by datA. I posted it originally when discussing how when Canadians and French musicians colaberate they just win at life. Finally the video was released for Rapture which has some killer motion graphics as i am sure you have already noticed. It was directed by Nicolas ANDRE & Damien VIGNAUX of Incog Design Büro.

Anyways here are a favorite RMX’s by Pacific! and Rapture pt. II.

datA - Rapture pt. II

datA - Rapture (Pacific! Remix)

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Matt Haffner’s wheat paste installation - Pushcart Vendors Comments | Sep 11 2008

Matt Haffner’s wheat paste installation - “Pushcart Vendors” from matt haffner on Vimeo.

I am really diggin’ and appreciate the scale of this peice. YE, respect.


Alex Knost is changing surf steez down in Newport Beach Comments | Aug 25 2008

Newport Beach Orange County

Alex Knost is one of the most influential surfers these days, has ridden the comp. circuit seeing little point in them. So recently he has been doing this thing in Newport Beach and is just happening to be changing the way we all look at surfing.

He is also in the band The Japanese Motors which are very surf/beach cultured sound and based out of Costa Mesa. It also happens that Costa Mesa has this awesome club called Avalon Bar which we hit up last friday.Ye, check it for sure if your in the area.

Japanese Motors - Bummin Out

Japanese Motors - Single Fins And Safety Pins


Huntington Beach Surf Comments | Aug 24 2008

A few days before I arrived in California the west coast had something like a 9 foot tide or something of the sort and is when this interview took place. More or less this is why surfing is unbelievably legit… its probably the only sport where an interview like this could even be broadcasted and make sense. Get pitteeeedd so pitteeeedd!!!

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