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The Virgins … Comments | Jun 26 2008

The VirginsThe Virgins, a band that sounds very UK…ish? I think so but their from NYC and started back in 2005. In my opinion just ahead of the whole scene in America. There good, easy indie rockish new wave (if that genre still exists) soul. Non the less it’s great music that will last. Really, just listen to The Virgins and enjoy the sounds. They remind me slightly of the UK band Mystery Jets… does anyone else think so?

The Virgins - Tequila Alley  

 The Virgins - Rich Girls 

 Mystery Jets - Young Love (Ft. Laura Marling) 

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Monocle Magazine Comments | Jun 26 2008

Monocle MagazineMonocle, first published in February 2007 is a global briefing covering international affairs, business, culture and design. Headquartered in London with bureaux in Tokyo, Sydney, Zürich and New York. It is published 10 times a year with frequent online updates on their website. The publication started by Canadian journalist and entrepreneur Tyler Brûlé. Brûlé was the one behing Wallpaper* when it started in 1996 in London - which also happens to be another one of my favorite publications. What draws me to Monocle is its diverse content targeted towards an urbanite. In brief Monocle was developed for an international audience hungry for information across a variety of sectors, Monocle’s team of award-winning editors and correspondents have been drawn from The New York Times, The Independent on Sunday, the BBC, CBC and a host of other news and current affairs outlets. I highly recommend gazing through the site or printed pages if your any sort of rennesance man or woman.

Share/Save/Bookmark Accepted to SIGGRAPH ‘08 Comments | Jun 24 2008


An update on, with great news our group has been ACCEPTED to take part in SIGGRAPH 2008 being hosted in LA. We will be presenting the week of August 11 - 15 at Los Angeles Convention Centre. This is big news, for those unaware as to what SIGGRAPH (short for Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques) is a Internation Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactivity Techniques which is being hosted at the LA Convention Center during August 11 - 15 2008. In 2005 25 000 people attended the conference, this is something to be pumped about being accepted to.

EmoCapsule is a study of interactivity. Participants influence the installation by inputting their emotions at The website provides users with emotional statistics and trends based on frequency, location, and weather information collected. The installation is dynamically updated to reflect the dominant emotional mood. 

Visitors interact with the current emotional state of the EmoCapsule installation - depicted through sound, text, and colour. Participants move and catch emotion words using their own silhouette and other objects. Participants make loud noises, triggering the installation to emit reactive sounds and display new words. These form a sort of conversation between the user and the installation space. 


So if you will please check out and or the SIGGRAPH website. With Love JSHAW and the EmoCapsule Team


Photographs By Ryan McGinley Comments | Jun 24 2008

Ryan McGinleyRyan McGinleyRyan McGinleyRyan McGinleyRyan McGinleyRyan McGinleyRyan McGinleyRyan McGinley has a unique style in his photographs. They are just raw, bare bones and almost look accidental or amateurish. Seeing that the majority of his subjects are nude oddly adds to the subjects story being told in the photos. McGinley, at the age of 24 was the youngest artist to have a solo show at New Yorks Whitney Museum of American Art. He graduated from Parsons School of Design B.F.A. Graphic Design… It seems that almost everyone in the art and design world went to Parsons

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Whats Next In Electro Comments | Jun 23 2008

The BeatlesThe Rolling Stones 

I often wonder what is going to happen with electro once the electro hip hop things kinda dies down. I remember when the first few electro hip hop colab stuff started poppin in blogs we were calling it. So what is next nowthat electro with hip hop vocals is being done by everyone? Well I am calling for a come back of nostalgia. It’s slowing creeping up into rmx’s such as Crookers rmx of Thunderstruck Bloody Beetroots rmx of Ill to Destroy, my previous post feat. Top Billin and their rmx of Scott McKenzi’s San Francisco(Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)… So what is next, maybe some Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Simone and Garfunkle…? Anyways I found the following done by My!Gay!Husband!Crookers and Tommie Sunshine .Enjoy!

The Beatles - Michelle (My!Gay!Husband! RMX)

ACDC - Thunderstruck(Crookers RMX)

The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil (Tommie Sunshine’s Edit) 

I did not have the originals so maybe I’ll post them in a few days…

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Paintings by Richard Prince Comments | Jun 22 2008

Richard PrinceRichard PrinceRichard PrinceRichard PrinceRichard Prince

I was first introduced to Richard Prince when I was in New York and he had an exhibit at the Guggenheim. I was drawn to the large scale joke painting which were witty and in some people could find them to be inappropriate. I just found them hilarious and made me want to tell them to people as jokes myself. I also really enjoyed Prince’s his Nurse series. I know some people do not like this series because of the unknown, a little morbid and slightly erotic undertones. I found it there meaning, thought provoking, and the expression by Prince were very in your face.


Put The Rifle Down Comments | Jun 21 2008

Put The Rifle Down

My good buddy Dj Barletta just saw Put The Rifle Down in Toronto the other day and has since had me hooked on such melodic songs which seem to have taken a large influence from late 80’s pop rock (u2 maybe) which could maybe now be considered synth-pop-dance-rock.

Put The Rifle Down - Architekt

Put The Rifle Down - The Teenagers HomecomingRemix


QED Comments | Jun 21 2008

QEDQuod Erat Demonstrandum, shotened to QED, is a Berlin based fashion label, founded by Julia Boge, Simona Gabrieli and Jasmin Moallim in 2006. During their studies at fashion school, the three discovered their common love for the colour black, which kick-started their subsequent collaboration, that has culminated in the debut collection “Jerry Lewis vs. Gari Kasparov” for fall/winter 06/07. A mixture between minimalism and playfulness., the garments adhere to the rules of classical menswear tailoring but mix up the uniformity with playful details.  In 2007 at the Beck’s Fashion Experience QED was selected as the only menswear collection on show in a field of designers set to represent the best of young German design talent.  QED_1QED_2QED_3 Personally I enjoy QED’s simplicity of the garments yet attention to detail with fit and unique detailing on each piece.

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