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Summer is winding down… Comments | Aug 24 2007

With one week of work left the anticipation of school is finally catching up to me. I am actually very excited to be heading back to Ottawa for school. This year will be busy, being my final year. I am however ready for the hectic schedules and busy nights. For a current look at our thesis project and blog please take the time to check out

LA is no longer happening. There are so many oppertunities available in Ottawa during the first week of September I just couldn’t miss them.

I am currently reading Wikinomics How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams. I was really interested when they started talking about the remix culture. They were referencing The Gray Album by Danger Mouse and a bunch of other projects. I am guessing that the Electro/House remix scene was a bit smaller than the hip-hop one they mentioned.

Here is some music…
Not all of these songs are remixes or mash-ups, there just good tunes!

The Bell - I Am History
The Bell Myspace

Scissors For Lefty - Next To Argyle

Kid Sister VS. Chris Carter - Control VS. Misnomer (JDE Mash)

Whitney Houston - I’m Every Woman(VNDLSMRemix)

Feist - 1234(VanSheTechnologicRemix)


Warhol Vs. Banksy Comments | Aug 22 2007

I heard about Warhol Vs. Banksy just before it was to open. I love the idea. 2 Great artists shown together under one roof. Show information is the following:

Warhol Vs. Banksy
10th of August until 1st of September, 2007
Exhibition location - The Hospital, 24 Endell St.
WC2H 9HQ, Covent Garden, London
Open 10-8pm Mon-Fri., or 12-6pm Sat.

Sales - Pollock Fine Art
020 74490714, 07946 220 727

General information - The Hospital
020 71709100

Take notice of the Banksy Kate Moss portrait obviously inspired by Warhols Marilyn Monroe.  I’ve been hearing more and more stories of Banksy peices being stolen off building and sold on ebay from a few thousand pounds. This seems like such a small price to pay when:

On April 27th 2007, a new record high for the sale of Banksy’s work was set with the auction of the work ‘Space Girl & Bird’ fetching £288,000 ($576,000), around 20 times the estimate at Bonhams of London.

What is happening currently with banksy reminds me of what happened with Jean-Michel Basquiat in NYC during the 80’s after he met Warhol. People were stealing his work from the street to sell.

As well check out how when buffing the walls in the UK they have started painting around Banksy peaces, encredable.

Banksy’s Website - Take a look for further work and information.


Banksy_1 Banksy_2 Banksy_3


Andy Warhol

Warhol_2 Warhol_1 Warhol_3

Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Lets Make Out Extended Mix

(The vocals for Lets make out are done by ex. DFA1979 drummer Sebastien Grainger)

Mystery Jets - Diamonds in the Dark(LA Riots Remix)

LA Riots Myspace
Does It Offend You Yeah Myspace
Mystery Jets


The National Comments | Aug 16 2007




The National

I have really been enjoying The National, a band from Ney York. There site is I highly recommend taking a listen. They formed in 1999 in Cincinnati, Ohio but later moved to Brooklyn. There newest album Boxer was released May 2007 and features contributions from various guest artists including Sufjan Stevens and Doveman (aka Thomas Bartlett).  Fake Empire is from the album Boxer and Slipping Husband is from the album Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers.

The National - Fake Empire

TheNational - Slipping Husband

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Potential Trip To LA - Part One Comments | Aug 10 2007

Last night I went to my hosting providers website I noticed that they were sponcering a multidicaplenary design lecture at the Getty Instatute in LA. The event is called QBN Sessions and is being put on by MediaTemple and Krop. Seeing that the lecture has speakers such as Shepard Fairey, Joshua Davis, Phunk Studio, Michael C. Place, Matt Owens & Mark Owens among others I felt it would be a great event to attend if ever I had the chance.

Shepard Fairey



Obey Giant

Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis Studio

Phunk Studio




Phunk Studio

After thinking about it over night I felt I needed a vacation. Working all summer and saving needs to be rewarded. I showed my friends Jordan and Ryan and they displayed Interest. So low and behold I think were going to LA for a quick trip before school!

Being introduced to the travel site HotWire it was not so much of a worry on finances either. Some how the website is able to sell flights and hotels any many other packages for VERY CHEEP! For instance getting a room at the Hotel Angeleno Beverly Hills for a reasonable price to be centraly located, and cost effective flights out of Buffalo. The site offers a great selection for all travel destinations. The only think that is that they keep the exact Hotel name a secret until everything is paid for. However doing some research, and process of elimination will allow you to find what hotel you will be booking.

We are planning to go to LA from September 5 - 9 arrive back and head to school. There’s nothing better than that!

Here are some pictures of areas around LA. They just get me more and more excited.

Beverly Hills



Santa Monica




Getty Institute

Getty Institute

Getty Institute1


I heart Inconsistencies Comments | Aug 08 2007

The Daft Punk concert with The Rapture, Busy P Sebastian and Kavinsky was incredible!

 We left Daft Punk a bit early to get into the after party put on by A.D/D, except last minute they decided to sell tickets and were no longer selling them at the door. Faaak it sucked being downtown at like 11 expecting to get in, except it doesn’t work out like that. And because it was Sunday hardly any other bars were even open. We eventually found one and had a drink. Generally it was an OK evening, not what was planned but you deal with it.

There are photos of the D.P. After Party on Shark Vs. Bear it seems that everyone was having a good time.

Anyhow while browsing I cam across the designer Tim Hamilton. He doesn’t have a site for his collection yet but you can find his “10 Essentials” and his Fall 07 line on

TimHamilton_1Fall07    TimHamilton_2Fall07    TimHamilton_3Fall07

Here’s some background on Tim Hamilton taken from

From the Beat poets to his father’s own Midwestern style, Tim Hamilton’s inspirations have blue-collar bona fides not often found in the high-end boutiques where his clothes now hang. More a tension than a contradiction—what’s more American than striving?—the juxtaposition entirely suits his background: an Iowa-born designer who’s done stints at both Ralph Lauren and J.Crew. Yet it’s the way he transcends these influences—rugged Americana, Ivy League prep—that’s earned him accolades: The designer was nominated for the CFDA’s 2007 Swarovski Award for up-and-coming talent.

For Fall, Hamilton updates his preppy leanings with a muted color palette and rugged materials. His intricately woven knits, for instance, are handcrafted in Italy yet cut in a modern, almost rumpled style. There’s also a Japanese silk jersey shirt with a dash of prep from the crest on its breast—what a coal-mining Harry Potter might wear on the weekends. Elsewhere, a hoodie is given the waxed-cotton treatment usually reserved for bomber jackets, while a sweater includes a snap-off collar, which means it can be worn as either a turtleneck or a crew. Hamilton dresses down a wool blazer with a carefully concealed zipper, and moves equally adeptly in the other direction, taking a lumberjack coat upscale by giving it a blazerlike feel and smart button-down hip pockets. It’s the most overt Kerouac reference in the collection, and it emphasizes the Hamilton silhouette: skinny but not too skinny pants paired with an artfully rumpled look up top.

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Daft Punk In Toronto August 5 Comments | Aug 03 2007

Daft PunkToronto

This August long weekend will be the party of the year! Daft Punk is playing in Toronto with Rapture, Sebastian, Kavinsky and Busy P.  That is amazing enough but wait, there’s an afterparty put on by A.D/D. @ Mod Club after featuring  Busy P, Rapture, Sabastian, Kavinsky, and guys from Kitsune Record Label. The whole eveneing/morning will be bangin.

If you want to go to Daft Punk check TicketMaster. The after party info is…

Mod Club 722 College Street W. Doors at 11pm, free before 12am, $10.00 after.

For your listening delight here is set one of Daft Punk Live in Twilo October 16 1998.

Daft Punk Life Twilo 10.16.98 Part One

(sadly I can’t find part two of the set)
mp3 taken from ShotCollin. A blog by Lazaro Casanova who actully was in Toronto @ Social not that long ago and is comming back in September.

Lazaro Casanova - 9.02.07 Toronto - Guvernment

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Kicks are neon again Comments | Aug 01 2007

Last friday before we headed up to Ottawa I went ton the hunt for Alife EVERYBODY HI (St Patrick) colour ways in Toronto. I know they dropped months ago, non the less. No luck, all sold out or wrong size. I was lucky enough to pick up a pair at Norml Clothing in Ottawa. It was the first thing we did when arrived in the city. NormlClothing

Alife EVERYBODY HI (St Patrick)

Yestereday Justice released another self Remix of Waters of Nazareth, SO GOOD!
Justice - Waters of Nazareth(Justice Remix)

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