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A new found passion to add to my list Comments | Jul 31 2007

I have always been interested in everything. Growing up I loved biking, skateboarding, snowboarding, art and music, as I grow older some of my hobbies from my past become passions, other drift away and some stay as hobbies. Art and music have stayed with me my whole life and have developed into an almost obsession. Art is no longer “art” for me its what my life is becoming with my career aspirations in interactive media. Music is no longer just something I listen to it makes up my character. Growing up I relied on the knowledge of good bands through friends, family, radio and television. As my musical taste became a specialized niche, the majority of artist i listen to haven’t even released an album, and if so are impossible to find outside of major metropolises. This is where music blogs become so beautiful.

My love for visual art which sprouted as a child has branched into such a Brod spectrum it is hard to keep up all specialties. I love fine art graphic design, illustration, interactive media, architecture, industrial design, interior design and fashion . Braud I know.  My interest in fine art influenced my decision of a post secondary education in Interactive Multimedia and Design. At the time I knew nothing of interactive design, user interfaces, programming or even how the Internet worked. 

As my program specialized with traditional design, interactive design, programming, video, animation and 3D we were given some basic classes on marketing, business and communication. Prior to enrolling in these classes I felt that they would be GREAT for freelance design work or for up and coming designers and how to break into such a competitive field.  When I finally attended class, the topics were not exactly what I had hoped but set up a great foundation to my growing interest in business,  marketing, advertising and entrepreneurship.

It has taken me a few months over the summer to finally settle back down to reading heavily again. I have just finished My Start Up Life by Ben Casnocha. The book was an excellent intro into entrepreneurship from a young and established business person. Ben’s book covers everything from communication skills, self motivation, team work, and persistence, marketing, amount things. The book covers his journey through Silicon Vally. His business, Comcate , a software company may not be exactly where I would like to end up but is was filled with knowledge any business person can use.

Today at lunch I just purchased Chasing Cool by Noah Kerner and Gene Pressman. Noah is the founder of Noise Marketing and Gene Pressman was the co-CEO, creative director and head of merchandising and marketing for Barneys New York  I know it seems kind of funny that I would purchase that seeing I like to think I know where the trends are going, what is “in” but I am hoping to understand the marketing and economics aspects of the market that try and find what is cool. It has good reviews so I am hoping it will live up to its standards.

My new found passion for advertising, marketing and enterpenurship will help me as my career continues to develop over the following months and years. I just had to find a specific market I was knowledgeable in and wanted to be a part of. 

 I found this site a few weeks ago Ain’t No Disco. Its pretty cool. It is a photoBlog of a the interiors of a few Ad, Design, Marketing, Media companies.

I will put some music that i have been listening to up recently, some new stuff some old stuff… I just have to wait for access to my mp3 collection.

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Ottawa Again Comments | Jul 27 2007

It will seem that late last night it was decided that I will head up to Ottawa for the weekend with a few good friends to do some more visiting.  Cam, Matt and I will be making out way up tonight probably hit Zaphods and the diner. Immaculate Machine is playing Zaphods tonight, hopefully we’ll be up early enough to catch the show.

Immaculate Machine - Broken Ship

Immaculate Machine - Phone No.

I was working on my portfolio for last night transfering all of the files and database information. I need to populate my portfolio and fix some bugs with the CSS and PHP. Generally everything is comming along.

In relation to I am hoping to have the background images change depending on the most popular emotion entered. I was also thinking using Yahoo Weather XML of keeping track of a user submitted emotion in relation to their current weather condition in their area. This is just a thought…

At the moment I am looking forward to the Daft Punk concert at Arrow Hall in Toronto on Aug 5th. Its hard to tell but I may even be more excited about the after party at Mod Club hosted by A.D/D and Ed Banger at ModClub!

Here are some good songs I’ve been listening to recently.

The Libertines - The HA HA Wall (Kissy Sell Out Remix)

UFFIE - The Party (LA Riots RMX)

Everyone Enjoy the weekend, I know I will!

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First Blog Post Comments | Jul 25 2007

Ok, This is the first post of my new blog. I have recently switched hosting providers, and transfered all of my domain names. Because of all of the old/erelavent posts I had in my other blog I decided to start fresh with this and watch it grow.  My blog will consist of what I am currently working on whether it be, our thesis project, our current business upstart PayRevolution, or my general design work for myself I will try and post music that I am currently listening to or found in the past few days to keep things rolling as well.

I will start with, I am reading My Start Up Life by Ben Casnocha, founder of Comcate at age 16. A very inspirational book for up and comming entrepreneurs.

I am constantly working on our thesis project EmoCapsule. I travelled to Ottawa for a team meeting to get ourselves back on track. It worked, and we are now working towards our revised goal.

There’s a new Ghetto mix up on Check it! Done by our very own PopularDemand. And if you haven’t checked out our original GoldFrontRecords Mixtape Vol.1 i recomend doing so as well. All designs done my myself. is kind of on the back burner at the moment but slowly making progress.

Chromeo Tenderonie (Sinden Remix)


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